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We are Fingers and Sunshine from Kokomo, Indiana, coming at you with our first dedicated band website. We will be adding more content as we go. For now, this is where to go for news of the band.

The Weed Is The Way

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We've put together a mailing list for those of you who aren't connected through the usual social networks. Feel free to join and we will abide by the standard privacy policies. Have a great weekend and remember to keep smiling.

Fingers and Sunshine

New Facebook and Reverbnation Pages 

We've been building new pages the last couple of days to try to link all of our social media together somewhat. It's been a strange ride; but we seem to be getting our situation in order. We are feeling truly blessed with the new attention by our fans and new marketing contacts. We're anticipating the new release of our next single with a follow-up EP called, "Solar Plexus." Check back with us every once in awhile to keep updated  with news of shows and release dates. Have a great day everybody !

Fingers and Sunshine

Howdy Folks ! 

Fingers and Sunshine is currently in pre-production for the release of several singles with a follow-up EP "Solar Plexus" due late Spring.

One of the songs to be released is called "Smile" and that will be the effect we want this to have on you. In this ever-evolving world we live in; there have been some simple things we've forgotten. How to smile, listen, debate properly, and being non-judgmental are just a few ideals that have taken a hit in our daily interactions. We know the release of "Smile" will help some of us get the ball rolling on becoming a more understanding community.  All of us together will see great things happen and the world will know a kinder and more civil attitude because we all will make it happen.

Have a great day everyone !

Three Days Later 

We are now three days into the release of Fingers and Sunshine "The Weed Is The Way" and we couldn't be more pleased with the response. Coming up soon we have a song called, "Smile" slated to be released in about a month from now. Keep an eye and ear open for this one; because you just might end up taking the suggestion from the song. 

Happy Trails and have a great day everyone !

Upload Service Dragging the feet. 

Yesterday was supposed to be the release date on all major streaming services and stores; but our service is having difficulty delivering on their end. We are anticipating that this issue will soon be fixed and you can have your very own High Quality version of "The Weed Is The Way" within a day or two. To those wanting a copy; we will inform you how to obtain one.

On a different note, we are working on our second release called, "Smile" which will be the flip side of our limited vinyl 7 inch pressing. Other band related items will also be available soon. Just another day in Paradise.

Have a great day everyone !

Tomorrow Is The Day ! 

It's been a roller coaster of a week; but heading towards the finish line. Tomorrow is the day we've been looking forward to and we are so anxious for the new release. We've never been in an international monetized market; so this is something brand spanking new to us. Thank you to all for visiting our page and we'll check back in with you tomorrow.

Have a safe and happy day !

Two More Days 

Another two days until the release of Fingers and Sunshine's "The Weed Is The Way" on most international music stores. We really appreciate everyone stopping by to see our website and hope you all get a chance to browse through our photo section. Thank you for joining us for the beginning of what will be an interesting ride....

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes to EVERYONE !

Three more days ! 

In three days Fingers and Sunshine will be releasing "The Weed Is The Way" in most international stores and streaming services. If you have a particular streaming service you like, then feel free to leave a comment as to what it's name is and we'll make sure it gets there for your convenience.

Gearing Up 

The band is anxiously awaiting the international release and sharpening up our live act. Our percussionist, Larry Stoltie, is keeping that tempo like the professional he is, Don Steininger is becoming an exceptional thumper on the bass, and the Brothers McKibben are doing their best to keep up with them. We have a play list which includes lots of Rock and Blues standards ranging from the early days of Rock up to modern day favorites sprinkled with our originals. It's a fun band to be in and the members get along better than some families we know. Now, Fingers and Sunshine are champing at the bit for this release of "The Weed Is The Way."

Have a great day everybody !

International Release 

The Weed Is The Way


Sunday January 13th we will be releasing "The Weed Is The Way" to the international market. Help us celebrate by viewing the current video for the song. We are so glad you stopped by to check out the website and we want to send all our love and appreciation right back to you.

Peace To You All And Have A Great Day !